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Welcome to The Revels Office.

Cultural organisations are powerhouses of creativity, filled with hugely talented workforces and content that inspires a vast and varied audience. Thanks to our experience working for world-respected institutions from across the creative industries, we are ideally placed to unlock the value and impact of this vibrant sector.

We set out sustainable action plans for growth and engagement, empowering our clients to make effective and innovative decisions for their commercial, audience and organisational development.


"Cultural organisations are beacons by which others can illuminate their own challenges and ambitions, achieving true relevance, resilience and meaningful return"

Working with world-respected institutions

What we've been working on recently.


We advised the Crafts Council UK on their role for the craft sector, focusing on how to make the most effective use of their resources to best serve makers. We explored where they could generate new revenue, how to integrate diversity goals, and identify partners to work with.


We helped the team to strategically assess where and how to apply advocacy efforts to protect and grow the programme. This work involved extensive consultation with LBOC’s network and advisors and supporting the team with setting out priorities and ambitions.


We advised on the implementation of ACE’s Cultural Compact initiative, connecting arts, business and public bodies to find new funding for culture and coordinated various stakeholders objectives and feedback to define how best to deliver the initiative in Southwark.


We work with numerous Bennett Hay sites to provide event operations and programming consultancy for the company and their client. We facilitate delivery of the benefits that events can unlock for business growth by building trust and impact, and creating platforms for connection and exchange.


For culture: For places: For business

What we do.

We provide you with direct access to the best entrepreneurial, creative and operational expertise from across the creative industries. We bring together a mixed project team for each client. This ensures you get the right mix of skills and experience, a high return on investment and a dynamic consultancy experience.

For culture

A cultural consultancy that delivers transformational ideas through clear actions

For places

We combine experience in architectural and urban design, property & retail brand management, cultural programming and commercial development

For business

Using cultural activities to transform how your teams interact.