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From composing business plans and coordinating research, to forming partnerships, delivering place-making programmes, or designing innovative new ways of working, everything we do is inspired by a love of the arts, a knowledge of business, and a belief that culture and commerce have a lot to offer one another.

Here are a selection of case studies from our recent clients:


National Football Museum

We delivered a clear and engaging audience development plan ready to be owned and actioned across the museum's team. Our work included consolidating audience data and insights (identifying who is engaged and who is missing), considering external influencing factors, running cross-team consultation workshops, and creating new audience groups to guide action and decisions.

Lead: Kate Rolfe & Julie Molloy / Supported by: Jeani Tamakloe



Southbank Sinfonia & St John's Smith Square

We delivered a 10 year business plan for Southbank Sinfonia at St John’s Smith Square. The plan was designed to be a compelling and realistic roadmap for the orchestra and venue as a newly combined organisation, ready to be used for funding applications, internal management, partnership approaches and wider advocacy. 

Lead: Julie Molloy, Sarah Marfleet & Kate Rolfe / Supported by: Jeani Tamakloe & Szandra German


Wentworth Woodhouse

We were selected to compose the Culture Strategy for this important heritage site in Rotherham, Yorkshire. Consolidating learnings from four years of programming and consultation, our role was to create a vision for Wentworth Woodhouse that was clear, inspiring and meaningful to funders, partners from the area and across the globe, and to the local community.

Lead: Kate Rolfe & Sarah Marfleet / Supported by: Jeani Tamakloe, Szandra German & Madeleine Wilson


Foundling Museum

We delivered a top-line review of the museum's venue hire business assessing the quick-wins and longer-term shifts required to meet the museum's financial targets. We delivered a full marketing action plan before taking on an interim sales and marketing role, alongside supporting with recruitment and exploring additional revenue opportunities.

Lead: Jeani Tamakloe / Supported by: Kate Rolfe


Brighton & Hove Museums

We delivered a detailed review of Brighton & Hove Museums ticketing structure giving their audiences a simpler, more streamlined buying experience across the museums' five sites. Our work included recommendations for a new 2023 pricing structure and membership types, advice for maximising gift aid income opportunities and added value proposals for local residents.

Lead: Sarah Marfleet / Supported by: Szandra German & Kate Rolfe


Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum

We delivered a compressive assessment of commercial opportunities related to the catering operation and the use of different museum spaces. Working closely with the in-house team and its trusted suppliers, we provided cost/benefit options backed-up with robust market research and financial analysis.

Lead: Julie Molloy / Supported by: Jeani Tamakloe & Kate Rolfe


V&A Dundee

We delivered a review of the Museum’s commercial events business. The project involved analysing the current and prospect market for events and related business lines, sales and marketing planning, and a review of feasibility against internal resources and organisational priorities. We also performed a feasibility study for digital events for the Museum.

Lead: Kate Rolfe / Supported by: Jeani Tamakloe


Bishopsgate Institute

We worked with Bishopsgate Institute to develop a comprehensive 5-year income generation strategy, offering an objective external view of the potential around venue hire. We then took on delivery of aspects of the strategy, including a marketing plan, support with recruitment, and taking on interim roles to support the events team at a critical time.

Lead: Szandra German & Jeani Tamakloe / Supported by: Kate Rolfe


English National Ballet

We took on the commercial hires business line at ENB as part of an interim resource solution, in the form of a sales administrator, operational manager and strategic lead. We delivered a full market assessment and marketing plan, oversaw new operational processes, took on the inbox and client relationship mangament, and led on inclusive and responsible recruitment for the permanent team.

Lead: Kate Rolfe, Szandra German & Jeani Tamakloe / Supported by: Tanith Lindon


Secret Cinema

We worked with Secret Cinema on their community outreach programme, which involved interpreting show content to create experiences for local young people and school children. We managed the full process from setting budgets, managing schedules and creative programming workshops, to coordinating marketing and outreach to the intended community groups, schools and individuals.

Lead: Jeani Tamakloe & Helen Galliano / Supported by: Kate Rolfe


Greater London Authority

We worked with the London Borough of Culture Team to strategically assess where and how to apply advocacy efforts to protect and grow the London Borough of Culture programme. This work involved extensive consultation with LBOC’s network and advisors, as well as supporting the team with setting out priorities and ambitions using Culture Sprint workshops.

Lead: Kate Rolfe & Madeleine Wilson / Supported by: Jeani Tamakloe


National Museum of the Royal Navy

We delivered a detailed review of NMRN’s venue hire and filming business lines, covering five sites across the UK. This work included market research, financial and audience analysis, supplier and partner assessment, operational and resource planning, and full marketing and sales guidance. In addition, we managed their supplier tender for Hartlepool.

Lead: Kate Rolfe, Szandra German & Jeani Tamakloe / Supported by: Tanith Lindon


Crafts Council

We advised the Crafts Council UK on their role for the craft sector, focusing on how to make the most effective use of their resources to best serve makers. We explored where they could generate new revenue, how to integrate diversity goals, and identified partners to work with.

Lead: Kate Rolfe & Madeleine Wilson


Southwark Council

We advised on the implementation of ACE’s Cultural Compact initiative that aimed to connect arts, business and public bodies to find new support for culture. We listened to local people and organisations to define how best to deliver the initiative in Southwark, and used the findings to support the Council's pandemic-response for the sector.

Lead: Kate Rolfe, Caroline Sharman, Becca Laurence


Pitzhanger Manor

We led a venue hire consultancy project to help Pitzhanger recover during and post-pandemic, including a detailed feasibility study for the events and filming business, recruitment of their permanent team, and delivering a full supplier tender. We also were invited to take on customer relationship management as an interim resource solution while recruitment was underway.

Lead: Kate Rolfe, Szandra German & Jeani Tamakloe


Bennett Hay

We worked with numerous Bennett Hay sites to provide stakeholder engagement, event operations and creative programming consultancy for the company and their clients, unlocking the power of events for business growth, building trust and impact, and creating platforms for connection and exchange.

Lead: Kate Rolfe / Supported by: Jeani Tamakloe & Szandra German



As part of an interim event management and strategy role, The Revels Office Director Kate Rolfe coordinated a £1 million target fundraising event supported by GUCCI, and worked with the charity on a wider refresh of their events strategy, working with both the London and New York teams.

Lead: Kate Rolfe


Two Temple Place

We worked with the team on their commercial strategy by exploring opportunities around venue hire, filming, exhibition catering, marketing and corporate membership. We provided new research, practical advice and creative revenue solutions, as well as set up iterim sales resource.

Lead: Kate Rolfe / Supported by: Szandra German, Claire Bayley & Jeani Tamakloe


Tara Theatre

We worked with Tara Arts to review their commercial revenue opportunities ahead of their reopening after the pandemic. We worked on an assessment of all areas of potential revenue generation, including venue hire, filming, catering, public events, and corporate fundraising packages, as well as identifying marketing, sales and partnership opportunities.

Lead: Kate Rolfe / Supported by: Jeani Tamakloe


Tunbridge Wells Council

As an approved supplier for Tunbridge Wells Borough Council's Cultural Advice Panel, we delivered an intensive review of the hire potential for a new venue in the area, alongside considering integrations with corporate membership packages, working closely with other consultants to provide thorough and comprehensive guidance for the Council. 

Lead: Tanith Lindon / Supported by: Kate Rolfe & Jeani Tamakloe


National Museum of Wales

We worked with the National Museum of Wales on their ticketing strategy, weighing up options for platforms, technology and making a cost/benefit analysis to guide their future investment. They were able to use this to help respond to changing consumer habits and access requirements, optimising revenue and customer experience.

Lead: Kate Rolfe


P2P “Preservation to Presentation”

We worked on this research and impact driven initiative to re-imagine the role of Museums in public life, using AR, VR and AV installations. We helped develop a value model that demonstrated the financial opportunities P2P could offer local and national business partners and cultural organisations via creative and customer-friendly e-commerce channels.

Lead: Kate Rolfe


Arts Council of Wales

With freelancer Camilla Brueton, we were chosen to deliver the Annual Conference for Arts Council Wales. We supported on operational planning as well as advising on programming and the call-out for content and speakers, including ensuring full accessibility to people across Wales. The conference sadly did not go ahead due to the pandemic.

Lead: Camilla Brueton / Supported by: Kate Rolfe


Leicester Print Workshop

Offering a mix of commercial and audience engagement advice, we facilitated a consultation with current and potential members in order to find resilient and relevant ways for LPW to support and engage their maker community, enabling post-pandemic recovery and growth. Commercial and marketing recommendations were also delivered.

Lead: Rachel de Woolfson / Supported by: Kate Rolfe & Jeani Tamakloe


Sutton PR

We worked with Sutton to explore the potential of events as part of their business mix, developing upon previous high-impact events they had run for clients and with partners. Including an operational review, strategic market analysis, and key updates to communications. 

Lead: Kate Rolfe


Battersea Arts Centre

We implemented a new sales and marketing plan to re-launch their events business after a devastating fire. We assessed BAC’s place in the market, reviewed their current and prospect pipeline,  and explored new revenue opportunities.

Lead: Kate Rolfe



We managed the operational delivery of Aspect Festival21, an online two-day event. Alongside a dynamic programme of academic talks and creative performances, we delivered a radio broadcast as part of the festival and live streamed the event to audiences via Youtube.

Lead: Kate Rolfe & Jeani Tamakloe / Supported by: Steph Clark & James Hedgecock


Cultivator Cornwall

We worked on a consultation project with professionals across the creative industries in Cornwall as part of Cultivator Cornwall's 'Baseline' survey. We facilitated conversations that explored in more depth individual’s experiences during the pandemic, and used creative workshops alongside 121 meetings to gather invaluable feedback into the final consultation response.

Lead: Kate Rolfe / Supported by: Szandra German


Goldsmiths University

The Revels Office Director Kate Rolfe regularly runs workshops with Goldsmiths University, hearing their pitches for new public events, offering insights from working in a consultancy capacity in the industry, as well as exploring wider applications of events and culture to generate revenue, have positive social impact, and connect with other sectors.

Lead: Kate Rolfe


Bromley Historic Collections

We worked with the Bromley Historic Collection team on an audience development project to better understand ‘what’s next’ for their Collection. After collating audience insights, we delivered a report with recommendations on ways they could establish themselves in their community and vehicles to use for improved engagement and audience growth.

Lead: Janet Owen, Madeleine Wilson & Jeani Tamakloe / Supported by: Kate Rolfe


Words from our clients.


“We really enjoyed working with The Revels Office on what was, I know, a difficult commission. I appreciate how patient both Kate and Sarah were in trying to refine our brief, and to understand what we were trying to achieve. They made the process of developing the strategy fun and gently guided us when we started to go off piste!! I would love to work with you all again and hope to in the future.”

Sarah Mcleod
Wentworth Woodhouse


“We worked with The Revels Office to scope out the post pandemic venue hire offering across our six sites in order to inform our three year commercial strategy. The team were knowledgeable, put time and effort into getting to know the business and the wider market across our various geographical locations and produced a well thought through financial model and report that outlined clear areas for opportunity and growth. Personally, I found the team at The Revels Office incredibly easy to work with, flexible and friendly.”

Emma Allen
Head of Commercial Services,
National Museums of the Royal Navy


“It was brilliant working with Kate. She has great industry knowledge and a nice energy. We particularly liked the flexibility she offered, which helped us identify key areas for development. As a strong ideas person, she has given us a useful menu of suggestions. She was also very generous with her time, candid about charges, and straightforward to work with. Her obviously good links within the industry were very reassuring.”

Anneliese Davidesen
Two Temple Place


“I recently worked with The Revels Office and have been very impressed with their creative, caring, pragmatic approach and speed of delivering a project. They have the ability to both understand the complexities of a brief and create spaces that lead teams to strategic and meaningful actions. Their facilitation skills are fun, precise and extremely efficient and the follow up is always on time and thorough. I would happily work with them again and wholeheartedly recommend them.”

Shipra Ogra
Senior Policy Officer,
London Borough of Culture


“(The Revels Office) were a pleasure to work with, adapting to the new situation unfolding in April and throughout the summer, following their recruitment in March 2020. Despite all the challenges we faced with pivoting our programmes to support the sector, with staff on furlough and financial challenges facing everyone; (The Revels Office) successfully addressed all aspects of the brief; responded to our changing needs with positive solutions leading to a clear report of recommendations within the allocated timeframe.”

Caroline Jackman
Talent Development Manager,
Crafts Council

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