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Celebrating our 5th anniversary

With 5 years already under our belt, 2023 marks the introduction of a new strategic experience service and a growing team.  It's been an honour to work with so many inspiring cultural and commercial venues over the past 5 years. From the rehearsal stages at English National Ballet and the ‘living room’ of V&A Dundee, to submarines and aeroplanes with NMRN, the dynamic spaces of Wentworth Woodhouse, and the secret world of Secret Cinema.


Beyond the Gift Shop

This article explores how museums are redefining their approach to retail, moving beyond traditional gift shops to enhance storytelling, connect with audiences, and bridge creativity with commerce. We discusses innovative strategies such as creating pop-up museums in new locations, collaborating with brands for unique experiences, and developing retail products that align with exhibition themes.


Jack of All Trades, Master of Everything

This article addresses the challenges faced by individuals working in small arts organizations, where they often juggle multiple roles and responsibilities. Drawing insights from a panel session at the Cultural Enterprises Conference, the article provides practical tips for managing conflicting priorities, aiding decision-making, and creating a more welcoming work environment.


What digital did next

Discover how digital arts can unlock value and opportunity in a socially distanced cultural sector with some real-world examples of successful digital implementations in diverse cultural contexts such as Virtual Archive and Mutek San Francisco. We look at the unique opportunities digital platforms offer for remote, individual, and safe engagement with cultural content.


Can immersive technology really engage new audiences?

Cornwall Museums Partnership's Innovation Manager and wAVE Project Support Apprentice, Amy Shakespeare and Ellie Smith are joined by guests Kate Rolfe, Director of The Revels Office, and Joe Bell, Creative Digital Producer, to discuss whether immersive technology can really engage new audiences, the challenges and opportunities in using immersive tech to diversify their audiences, marketing immersive experiences,  keeping current audiences engaged and much more.


Webinar recap: New spaces, new places, new audiences

We hosted a webinar with Amsterdam-based NorthernLight about what’s next for cultural and social experiences in new locations - bridging between museums, brands and places. We heard from Hans Poll, Director of Marketing & Programme of the Forum Groningen, Madeleine Kessler, co-curator of the British Pavillion for La Biennale di Venezia, Peter Salvenburg, Creative Director of NorthernLight and Kate Rolfe, Director here at The Revels Office