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What digital did next...

Published by Museum Next

How digital arts can unlock value and opportunity in a socially distanced cultural sector. Read the article here.


Socially-distanced place-making

Published by What Design Can Do

How digital arts can solve the problem of socially distanced place-making. Read the article here.


New spaces, new places, new audiences

Published by Arts Professional

Taking indoor activity into outdoor spaces offers one possible solution to the challenge of social distancing. Kate Rolfe explores how it’s being done. Read the article here.


Cooperative working to save the cultural workforce

Published by the Arts Marketing Association

The future of collaboration in the cultural sector, tapping into the value held by one of the most dynamic and creative workforces imaginable, doing this before the sector faces losing their skills to other industries.Read the article here.


Getting the most out of the arts

Published by the RSA

Changes the arts sector should consider if they are to overcome the challenges they face now in 2020 and to break down longer-term barriers that were present before the pandemic. Read the article here.


Can immersive technology really engage new audiences?

Podcast by the Museums Immersive Network

The challenges and opportunities for museums and cultural organisations using immersive tech to diversify their audiences Listen to the podcast here.


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