What We Do

Arts-powered solutions: For culture, for business, for projects

At The Revels Office we provide an end-to-end solution, combining strategy and delivery for a range of cultural and commercial projects. From composing business plans and coordinating research, to creating partnerships, programming events, or designing innovative new ways of working, everything we do is inspired by a love of the arts, a knowledge of business, and a belief that culture and commerce have a lot to offer one another.


For Culture

Transform your assets for unexpected returns

Thanks to our experience working in-house at world-respected cultural institutions, we can be trusted to explore your content, services and assets to discover new ways to reach audiences and generate much-needed revenue.

For Business

Make yourself a visitor attraction

Who better to learn from about successful customer engagement and authentic live experiences than the world's leading cultural institutions?


For Projects

Let us bring your ideas to life

Be inspired by the arts to entertain, inform and engage with whomever you need, however you need.


Phone: +44 07887 565 402
Email: kate@therevelsoffice.co.uk
Twitter: @revels_office
Instagram: therevelsoffice