What we do.



What we do.

From setting strategies and delivering business plans, to creative programming, community consultation and training, we offer a wide range of services from strategy to delivery across commercial, audience and organisational development. Read on for full details on all our services.


Commercial development.

Commercial revenue

Events and ticketing

New revenue streams

For venue hire, retail, catering and membership.

  • Perform customer and market assessment, benchmarking and competitor analysis.
  • Deliver brand, sales and marketing strategies.
  • Define trends and options for look and feel; visitor flow and experience; customer service; permanent or trial solutions, digital and physical; appeal and resilience of products or services.
  • Set out financial plans including pricing, investment and targets, with clear profit and loss and identifying new / secondary revenue.
  • Implement efficient and secure operational policies, with staff and supplier training.
  • Advise on contracts, terms and insurance.
  • Manage supplier sourcing and tenders.
  • Recommend tracking, CRM (customer relationship management) and e-commerce technology.
  • Discover efficiencies and added value.

For fundraising events, membership programmes, public events, educational courses, online events, retail experiences and more.

  • Define the most valuable content, speakers, audiences, formats and added extras, as well as how to keep costs down for the best ROI (return on investment).
  • Full marketing and communications delivery.
  • Provide ticketing and CRM options, establishing suitable and effective data and feedback capture.

New revenue streams.

  • Help cultural organisations find untapped revenue from their existing assets and business lines, identifying new products and services that could be developed, as well as new partnerships.
  • Explore where new revenue can be discovered internally, via increased inter-team collaboration, shared resources and process change.

Organisational development.

How you work

Set goals

Optimise teams

Go beyond

Take a fresh look at how you work.

  • For strategic reviews, combine fact-finding and instinct, quickly defining the challenge you need to solve and setting out the simplest route to testing theories out in practice.
  • Use active listening to understand what’s been tried before and discover overlooked ideas, contributing new insights alongside established knowledge.

Set new goals and structures.

  • Balance strategic ambitions with realistic delivery plans to maximise success.
  • Consolidate workstreams, re-modelling and re-training your teams as needed to empower people to deliver their best.
  • Oversee a comprehensive handover to ensure our recommendations can be realised by your teams in the short and long term.

Optimise your teams.

  • Help you listen to and learn from your talent, championing inter-team and cross-level collaboration and exchange.
  • Taking special note of diversity and inclusion, identify underused skills, notice what is missing in your workforce, and unlock innovation and efficiencies.

Go beyond.

  • Build audience trust, find new revenue and re-define the wider value of the arts.
  • Through our networks, introduce new opportunities and connections. For example, we can place your content in new places, making it accessible for those who otherwise wouldn’t experience it and sharing your stories in entirely new and sustainable ways.

Audience development.

Identify opportunity


Strategic marketing

Community engagement

Identify opportunity and need.

  • Deliver 360º reviews of your current and potential audiences.
  • Perform full internal and external analysis.
  • Identify target market priorities and interests to connect these with your own purpose, services and ambitions.
  • Contribute out-of-sector ideas and insights.

Audience and stakeholder consultation.

  • Set out consultation architecture for active listening and discovery.
  • Design and coordinate surveys, 1-2-1 conversations, forum discussions, ‘Design Thinking’ workshops and presentations.
  • Analysis of trends, priorities and barriers.
  • Facilitate internal reflection alongside external feedback and communications.

Strategic marketing.

  • Provide a full assessment of all marketing and communications channels.
  • Manage advocacy planning to secure endorsement, exchange and support, finding common ground between audiences, funding partners and cultural organisations.
  • Introduce valuable partnerships – locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Create dynamic campaigns, copy and assets.

Community engagement.

  • Discover who is currently unengaged and create platforms to engage with and listen to those people.
  • Set up equitable and inclusive action plans to transform how people relate to you and how you serve them.
  • Curate programmes with the community, designing meaningful public experiences.


The best content

Bring people to the area

Create value

Total sustainability

The world's best content.

  • Strategic and practical delivery of your place-making programme, with a focus on culture and community.
  • Enhance existing plans through new and inspiring partnerships and commissions.
  • Develop digital and live activations on an international scale, working directly with artists and cultural leaders.
  • Design programmes with your community, exchanging ideas and interests with them to achieve true relevance and social responsibility.

Bring people to the area.

  • Set out comprehensive strategies to bring businesses, residents and visitors to you, increasing dwell time, investment and return (day and night, year-long).
  • Full implementation of marketing and communications campaigns that are the right fit for your brand and area.
  • Build upon your ambitions with initiatives that improve wellbeing, security, employment and equality - ensuring the world is better with this place having been created.

Create and measure value.

  • Track operational and financial requirements alongside community need, measuring all value (social, creative, economic) via an integrated evaluation framework.
  • Seek commercial opportunities throughout your place-making strategy, from generating new revenue via ticketing and secondary spend, to adding value for tenants and local business partners through incentives, in-kind deals and sales platforms.
  • Scale-up and deliver charitable and community goals, developing and delivering against your CSR (corporate social responsibility) strategy.

Total sustainability.

  • Via our network we combine experience in architectural and urban design, property and retail brand management, cultural programming and commercial development; we can therefore help you deliver against planning requirements, commercial targets, and environment and community commitments in one, making you into a truly responsible and inspiring business.

Arts-powered business solutions.

Transform your workforce

Culture sprint

Harness the power of culture to transform your workforce and inspire the community.

  • For employee engagement, client hospitality, CSR initiatives and brand campaigns.
  • Live and digital activations, collaborating with cultural institutions to access genuinely unique and fascinating content that can tell your story and make you stand out.
  • Work with cultural venues to host your event or launch your product, maximising exposure through their enviable audience reach.
  • Collaborate with practitioners from different mediums to inspire staff and clients in your work, creating something original that transforms how people see you and teaches them something entirely new.
  • Create social benefit as part of your collaboration, making your CSR investment work harder by facilitating impact in areas such as wellbeing, environment, social mobility, digital literacy and community cohesion.

Undertake a Culture Sprint to reconnect your team, influencers and customers.

  • Culture Sprint is a workshop that helps organisations to challenge assumptions, listen, reflect and take action.
  • Designed to pool expertise and perspectives from across internal and external stakeholders, quickly getting to the root of a problem before building consolidated actions to test out and grow.
  • A platform for meaningful and creative collaboration at all levels of an organisation, developing a working model that can be recreated in larger teams and long-term.
  • Naturally, there is an element of creativity and culture integrated into the workshops – letting you be inspired by the arts!
  • Ideal for strategy days, business re-modelling, conferences, and team or audience engagement programmes.
  • Watch the Culture Sprint video to find out more about this approach.

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