About The Revels Office.


About The Revels Office.

The Revels Office is a strategic consultancy that delivers arts-powered business solutions, helping you to reach audiences, unite teams, generate revenue and build communities. 

We believe cultural organisations are some of the best businesses in the world, constantly navigating complex revenue models across multiple markets and taking risks for the greater good.

Our team is trusted to work with these vital organisations to set out action plans for improvement and growth across commercial, audience and organisational development. Working across sectors and disciplines, we uniquely bridge between commerce, community and culture, facilitating an invaluable exchange and new solutions.



The sectors that we work with.

For culture.

We help cultural organisations to become fully responsible, sustainable and relevant. We find common ground between audiences, funding partners and cultural organisations to locate the most valuable opportunities, looking beyond the obvious and advising on messaging, platforms and strategies to make you stand out. We find untapped value from existing assets and business lines, alongside identifying new products, services and ideas that will truly inspire the wider world.

For places.

Now is the time to unleash the remarkable power of cultural experiences to the world, reconnecting communities and enhancing spaces with beauty and learning. Work with us to place live and digital cultural content in new spaces, collaborating across sectors and re-shaping how people interact with the arts, with businesses around them, and with each other.

For business.

Harness the power of culture to transform your workforce and inspire the community. We help teams interact, deepen staff engagement with organisational values, and inspire individual development and wellbeing.



A training framework, action plan and resource for the arts sector.

We are committed to championing diversity and inclusion in the arts as part of our Equality In Focus: Arts Edition programme.

Equality in Focus: Arts Edition is a comprehensive guide to help people understand and overcome inequality specifically in the arts, heritage and cultural sector. Our aim is to contribute to a fairer and more representative workforce for all by signposting the right training to take, initiatives to join and resources to read. Start by completing the training online; next, commit to more in-depth workshops via the partners we have listed; then, share your experience and encourage others too!

Let’s make change happen,  through action not words.